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By Mona Shah-Anderson

Pregnancy can definitely take a toll on your skin! Folks have been telling me I’m “glowing,” but the truth is that my face has become more oily in some places and dry in others. I have been experimenting with cleansers that are safe for my skin during pregnancy, and the best I’ve found is from basq. Their Rebalancing Facial Cleanser is gentle, but it transformed my skin after only a few uses. I was in need of exfoliation of damaged skin and their Rebalancing Facial Cleanser has definitely given my skin a smoother finish. It gave my pregnancy blemishes a rest with Oak Root extracts and Ylang Ylang, both known for their clarifying properties. I have a feeling that I will reorder this cleanser for use after my delivery – it has really helped me find a “sweet spot” for my skin.

I don’t think I’m alone in having a great fear of stretch marks – especially with twins on the way! Basq sells a really luxurious Illipe Body Butter that will become any woman’s best friend. I didn’t limit my use of this product to my belly – I was very generous with it because, let’s be honest, I deserve a little pampering every now and then. And this is a fairly economical way to treat oneself!

For those who are into relaxing scents, I’ve found a bit of solace during moments of stress by turning to basq’s Calm Lavender Pear body oil. Such a beautiful scent and it leaves your body silky smooth!

Here’s more detailed product info on all products I tried (pricing available at www.basqnyc.com).


Rebalancing Facial Cleanser

Customers can’t say enough about how this revolutionary face treatment transforms skin. Exfoliate away damaged skin and prevent plugged and prominent pores so you have a smoother finish. The astringent properties of plant extracts Oak Root and Ylang Ylang penetrate deeply to bannish blemishes, clarify and tone face. Also works on dark spots (melasma from pregnancy, sun, aging spots) and lessens the appearance of fine lines. Rich in rebalancing moisturizing emollients so skin is left truly soft, supple and replenished – never dry or too tight. Ideal for combination, sensitive, aging, hormonal or pregnant skin.

WINNER of the iParenting Product of the Year Award for 2010, our Rebalancing Cleanser first got it’s fame when mentioned as a Heidi Klum favorite in Us Weekly Magazine. Also a WINNER of Pregnancy and Newborn’s Readers Choice Awards, this cleanser has been spotlighted in countless publications including Fashion Wear Daily, Vogue.com, Cookie and Pregnancy. The basq line received Frommer’s prestigious World’s Best Maternity Skin care award! All basq products are rigorously Clinically Tested for ZERO Skin Allergy and Irritancy and the line is Paraben, Phlthlate and Animal Testing Free.


Illipe Body Butter – Fight the Stretch All over

One of our most addicting products – this butter is like no other. Illipe is a super luxe, vitamin rich butter indigenous to South East Asia brought to you by basq. A beautiful, thick butter that fortifies skin from the inside out and a perfect way to fight stretch marks all over the body. Although super rich, our blend absorbs quickly and deeply like other butters can’t, giving skin super deep nourishment without a heavy, greasy feel. Infused with Shea and Jojoba butters, plus skin strengthening Rosehip, Grapeseed and Borage Oils, this is a Triple Butter-Triple Oil defense against damage skin!

A perfect solution for super stretched, taut skin in later months of pregnancy – works all over body to protect those not so obvious stretch mark prone areas women forget – arms, thighs and buttom. Also great when starting a fitness routine, weight lifting or post weight loss to avoid related stretch marks.

Gorgeous, light aroma that blends beautifully with basq Resilient Body Oil or Advanced Stretch Mark Butters for serious stretch mark prevention and repair. Featured in Yoga Magazine as an Expecting and New Mother Must Have!

All basq products are rigorously Clinically Tested for ZERO Skin Allergy and Irritancy. The line is Paraben, Phlthlate and Animal Testing Free.


CALM Body Oil – Lavender Pear

Soothing, relaxing blend when you need to unwind.

basq signature resilient body oil base blends some of the finest oils available for full body toning and stretch mark care. The soothing aroma of Lavender – this medically proven Wonder helps relax the senses, ease anxiety and improve sleep. Great for easing aching, inflammation, anxiety and stress and soothes stomach issues. If you ares feeling over extended then this is your instant zen moment! We blend French grown lavender with a hint of pear for a soft and soothing aroma that is both relaxing and purifying.

Quite simply, nothing nourishes skin like Essential Fatty Acid rich oils. Oils fuel the skin’s natural hydration and healing process in the dermis layer of skin where damage, stretch marks and loose skin forms. Hazelnut, Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oil provide intense skin cell nourishment with Essential Fatty Acids and naturally occurring Vitamins that protect skin from damage. Sweet Almond oil also has natural antimicrobial properties that help prevent damage, minimizing the chances of scarring and ugly marks. Rosehip Oil has a high content of essential fatty acids known specifically to heals scars and restore normal skin color. Grapeseed Oilis plentiful in antioxidants and fatty acids to moisturize deeply helping to restructure damaged and stressed skin tissue. Due to its nourishing and detoxifying effects,Sesame Oil reinforces the body for skin regeneration and smoothes the skin.

The skin care protection and toning you need, in an aroma you want! Use neat or blend into our Fragrance Free Illipe Body Butter for a customized, creamy butter.

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